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Histopath-lab is online virtual histopathology laboratory management software which allows the operation of histopathology labs through the internet. Installation on multiple computers is not required. This software is installed on a server and operates through a browser. You can obtain high returns once you have invested in this lab software system. It is a low risk and maintenance-free software system.

Histopath-lab has a robust database system which can handle large amounts of data, with critical needs to ensure a high level of data security. It is very affordable. It is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act) with 128 bit encryption system embedded in it.

Histopath-lab can be deployed remotely. There is no waiting period, which means a reduction in deployment time. Histopath-lab helps in training and configuration needed for your workflow, reducing considerably the overall time to Go Live.

This is a CAP(College of American Pathologists) compliant software.

CAP (College of American Pathologists) compliant histopathology software

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The Birlamedisoft team consists of Software professionals, Business Development Managers and much more. Our tryst with the Healthcare Industry began right from the inception of the Company itself.


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Histopath-lab is growing from strength to strength and is establishing itself as the most sought-after online laboratory software. This can be seen from the many appreciative comments given by our clients.


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You can call on the 'Birlamedisoft Help line' or you could also e-mail us.
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+91 9021 156 156


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